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Heat Rocks

Mar 28, 2019

The Album: Bill Withers+Justments (1974)
Despite the massive success of Withers's first two albums, Just As I Am and Still Bill, label problems prevented +Justments (his fourth LP) from being released on CD until 2010. As such, it's been a sleeper of an album despite how good it is. Withers was never the most...

Mar 21, 2019

The Album: Chungking Express Soundtrack (1994)

Legendary Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai has long been known for how he integrates pop songs into his films and soundtracks. Chungking Express, Wong's breakout international hit, was no exception as he worked  in everything from '60s folk pop to '70s reggae to '90s...

Mar 14, 2019

The Album: Prince Dirty Mind (1980)

Dirty Mind,
 Prince's third album, arrived on the scene in the late fall of 1980, and brought with it a salaciousness we hadn't known heretofore.  The album, a mix of punk, funk and disco allowed Prince to play with gender and genre as well as sexual innuendo and double entendre....

Mar 7, 2019

Dear Heatrockers,
On a recent episode, our deep dive into Jackie Shane's "Any Other Way",  we unintentionally misgendered Ms. Shane and the late Wilmer Broadnax. Although some of this was addressed at the start of the episode, we'd like to take the opportunity to apologize to members of the transgender community and...